Monday, December 20, 2010

Cabin fever

So it's been a while since my previous blogging event. To be honest, I have suffered from some degree of  cabin fever. It's been just a bit over a fucking month since I had a chance to chuck some fluff and I'm already going nuts! And still there is four months to go before I can even dream of open waters.

I have tried to cure this fever by tying different flies, mostly small leeches and nymphs for grayling and rainbows, leaving the pike flies as the last hope if the sickness gets really bad....

Until now, I have only needed to use intermediate fly lines when fishing for pike as my current fishing areas are mostly very shallow. For the season 2011, I think I will head to new waters with deeper banks. I have fished there for perch a long time ago and I know there are some huge pike swimming around. But the truth is, it will be challenging to find them from the deeper banks and the pike density is a lot lower than in the shallow shores. Those outer archipelago pikes have a distinct coloring and they usually are in a great shape as there is a plenty of greasy herring swimming by.

This means that I need to get some fast sinking fly lines for the next season and at least one new fly outfit. Usually I have just one rod-reel combo ready, but when fishing bot shallow and deeper banks, I need at least two sets with different lines. It's just so damn difficult to decide, which rod and reel should I get. From the reels, I love my Colton Torrent, most probably I'll get me another one with a spare spool. But for a rod, it's a lot more difficult thing. Currently my favourite rod is built by myself on a Dan Craft's Five River FT blank. It's a joy to cast, very fast action and still very forgiving. I can get great linespeeds and I can cast hours and hours with it. Absolutely a marvelous blank able to cast a variety of line weights, from #7 to #11. The  problem is, that I'm getting lazy and I'd like to buy my next rod. Possibly I'll try some true fast action saltwater rod this time.