Monday, May 9, 2011

Latest addition to equipment

I just had to buy myself another boat. My previous boat was way too slow and clumsy for any longer trips, so I spotted this one for sale. Fortunately this boat was so close to me, it only took me a few minutes to go check it out. The boat seemed to be in a very nice condition, it had 4-stroke engine and it was rather fairly priced. I offered to buy the boat if it works ok on the testdrive and it did. And there it is now.

The boat is Yamarin 490 Big Ride, a finnish built fiberglass boat. It has a side console, which is a compromise, as I'd prefer a narrow center console. If it ever becomes a problem, I can always change the console, as it is just fixed in place by some screws.

The boat is 4.90m long and 2.10m wide, which is why I like this boat. It is ~30cm wider than most comparable boats, meaning that it is much more stable and has much more room inside. It has a deep V-hull for rougher seas and it has a 50hp yamaha 4-stroke engine.

Mud from my dirty boots.

As always, she needs some equipping, tuning and fixing before she is ready for battle. Engine needs new oils, new spark plugs, possibly new camshaft belt and water pump impeller. The battery needs to be replaced and some of the old wirings need to be removed. Then she should be good to go.

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  1. Nice find! I foresee some major hours in it, in the future