Sunday, March 13, 2011

Little snacks

Some random smaller baitfish patterns, nothing special to tell about these. I tied these just for killing some time.

Chartreuse/White baitfish, 80 mm
Green/Chrtreuse baitfish, 80 mm

Olive perch, 75 mm
Basic baitfish imitation, 75 mm

Testing with tubes

I did a little practice in tying with tubes. There are some minor issues that I need to concentrate on when tying on tubes but I think I got a hang of it. Here's a couple of Fatheads tied on L-sized Eumer tube. It seems that one needs to use more material when tying on a tube but still the fly has a tendency to lose some of its profile. Practicing for a couple of hours will help me with this.....

Tubular Fatheaded brothers
Brothers from the side
Family portrait of Fathead cousins

Fly Porn

Some Fatheads. Fatheads are tied much like Huchbacks, but the materials are spread more evenly around the hook shank. Also the fibers are tied even more fluffy, so the head of the fly will be bulkier and will push more water. This will hopefully create a strong, sliding zig-zag motion.

The body of the fly is made from PikeTrek's body fibre. Slinky fibre could be used as well. Head of the fly is made from fluorescent Water Silk, but craft fur etc. is suitable also.

Emergency colored Fathead

Profile of the Fathead is fat.

Flaming hedgehog.

Fly Porn

Some Hunchbacks, which have their underbody made from Slinky fiber and topped with Congo Hair from Fly Tyers dungeon. The fibers are mostly tied on the top side of the hook and on a very short area. This forms a hunch to the back of the fly. Some flies have their bellies made of Water Silk.

Unfortunately the wind made its tricks while taking pictures, so some flies have their fibers pointing in all directions.

Mambo Jambo Hunchback

Pink/White Hunchback

Perch Hunchback

Olive Hunchback

Yellow/Red Hunchback

Herring Hunchback

Esset Hunchback

Fly Porn

I've been talking about fly patterns and different materials. Now I finally managed to get some pictures of them, but the quality ain't that good.

These are some random experimentations with dubbing brushes. I made a few brushes using thin copper wire and a cordless drill (please stop laughing). I used fibers from a synthetic duster, which caught my eye while shopping for something else....

First I tied some saddle feather on the hooks shank, rolled on some of the dubbing brush and finally added some craft fur and a pair of eyes. No idea how the might work, but at least they've got some nice profile.
Gay colored Duster

Red and black Duster

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring is coming, hopefully....

Finally the spring is coming, at least it feels like it. We've been enjoying lovely, sunny days, growing longer each day. Nights are still cold but the snow has started to melt slowly during the day. If things keeps going the same way, we can expect some serious fishing in about six weeks (always optimistic!).

To be honest, I'm not expecting much from the spring season, as this winter has been much like the last one, cold and snowy. The problem with the snow is that all the water from the melting snow will flow across the fields and forests, to the ditches, creeks and rivers carrying all kinds of mud, sand, clay, fertilizers etc.. All this nasty stuff will then run along the rivers and creeks to shallow bays, where all the big mamas are waiting for the spring happening. And when the water is shit, the fishing will be shit as well.

Well, I'm having my fingers crossed...