Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back in business

After many months of silence, I can finally say that I'm back in business. There's been many things that have kept me out of the water and away from the tying bench, but I think now I can start preparing for the Spring once again.

Q: What has happened since the previous post on this blog many months ago?

A: Not much by the fisherman's point of view. We had a few piking trips last Autumn and I had some pics and video from the action and they are mostly all gone due to total disintegration of my hard drive a month ago....

I managed to catch a few nice fish with the fly, some of them from the newly discovered places that nobody ever fishes, even though they are close to boating routes. Another thing to remember was the fly patterns tied to inverted hook. They worked like a charm and never snagged to rocks or other obstacles, still managing to hook fish quite decently. I'll write a post regarding them in the near future....

One of the "clients" being measured