Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer stuff

Summer vacation, finally!

Simply put, fishing has been shit lately. We've been suffering from severe heat waves and the water temperatures have increased rapidly, meaning that the pike are somewhere lost. Therefore I have fished for perch and zander lately, with just as bad results.

On top of all, the latest government invention, ethanol soaked fuel, is causing annoying trouble with my boat engine. Ethanol suck the moisture from the air and mixes it with the fuel. Finally those water drops find their way to the carburetors and cause poor idling and hesitation when accelerating. I had to disassemble all the four carbs, clean them  up thoroughly, put them back together and do the tuning procedures. On the last trip, one of the carbs caught a water bubble once again. It went away though, as I hit a rock in the middle of a deep bay.... Well, now it has a separate water separator in the fuel line, also the the whole fuel line is improved to meet todays standards.

What worries me the most, is the fact that the pike has gone hiding. I haven't caught a single pike from the perch and zander sites, which is odd, because normally you catch an average of 10-20 pikes during an afternoon of perch fishing.

Hey, I managed to get a little video from my latest pike, that I caught with my 6' 2wt outfit and 0.14 mm tippet. It was a short, thick and muscular fish that gave a nice fight with that macaroni rod. I combined a little shaky video from some of the last minute fighting after the jack got tired.

Any recommendations for a reasonably priced helmet cam? It aint easy to hold a camera while reeling in a fish......

So a bad quality and shaky image, but pike on the fly anyway...

Edit: The video seems to have gone bananas, I'll fix it soon...