Friday, August 12, 2011

No fly fishing lately

Hey, we've been having a few chilly nights and the days have been significantly cooler than they were a few weeks ago. Waters have slowly started to cool down, especially all the shallow areas, meaning that the pike are getting active. Unfortunately the weather warms up again next week, but I think it doesn't affect the pikes anymore.

Last weekend we had a little fishing happening with three boats and despite concentrating on jigging for perch, pikes got very active too. Well, I had my fly gear ready, but the weather made it impossible to aim for the pike in that manner, so perch it was then.

Now, as the vacation is over, it's time to get back in business again. I just gotta tie more pike flies and get all the rest of the tackle ready for some autumn piking. It's gonna take a month or so before the action really begins in the shallow places, but I think one should now try to fish some deeper drop-offs near the shallow bays. At least all the deeper banks were now full of pike, in contrast to the earlier summer, when absolutely every place was totally empty.

Time to enjoy the last warm weathers of the year and prepare for some serious piking!

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