Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not much to brag about

It was about time for me to give a little report for the last few weeks, unfortunately there's not much to talk about. After the previous post, I haven't been out there chasing pike. The weather has been awful, strong winds almost every day and now we have the heat wave, daily temperatures climb close to 30'c. So it's not a perfect combination for pike on the fly, together with my own laziness at the moment...

I've been mostly tossing some small flies on those small brooks, mostly targeting for ide and larger perch. Of course, also the regular pike/roach/bream will hit the fly every now and then. They're  so much fun to catch on a #3 rod, not to mention that one can catch 30+ fish in 15 minutes.

As you might have already noticed, I'm not that much of a fan of salmonids, mainly because I like the remote feeling of those natural brooks that haven't been commercially stocked with brownies or rainbows. This way I can fish in my own peace and not get disturbed by dozens of other fishermen. There's only one river that has a nice stock of grayling and rainbows and usually a very few other fishermen. It offers a nice alternative for piking, and is practically a C&R stream, as the rainbows start tasting like mud in the warm summer months. Graylings will be always released, as they are a native species and generally quite endangered in the southern parts of the country.

I've made some minor updates to my equipment, of which I will tell about later. I'll also upload some pictures from my nice-but-not-too-productive fishing trips, as soon as I get back from Sweden.

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