Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Complaining about the weather

It's been blowing from the North for a while now and the water levels have dropped significantly. When water flows away, it usually means bad for the fishing and last night the wind was horrific for a while. I was looking for reports for water levels and there it stood: water level has dropped 15 cm in one hour, which is a lot as we don't have any powerful tidal effects here.

There is one situation that is even worse than sinking water levels, its the water levels going up and down all the time. Right after the sudden drop, the water level has started to rise again rapidly this morning. On the other hand, weather forecast predicts that strong winds from the North will be blowing for at least the next 5 days, meaning that the water will flow away again and starts pumping up and down.

This year has once again been difficult also regarding the winds. We don't have a lot of protecting archipelago here where I fish so any wind above 7-8 meters per seconds makes chucking the fluff difficult. Almost every trip we have suffered from either no wind at all or a raging 10-15 m/s blow from the open sea. The spring season of 2009 was similar, I remember many trips when we tried to go wading and trying pike on the fly. It was almost impossible to cast as the fly simply fell down after a few meters, so we needed to take on baitcasting rods and jerkbaits. It was quite extreme pike fishing though as the waves hit our faces when wading...

Sometimes the fishing could be surprisingly good despite the conditions though. I found some old pictures from the computer taken in 2008 and before.

Rare sea conditions in October.

Picture above is taken in October 2008, a minute after successfully landing a nice, fat sea trout from the shallow underwater reef.

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