Saturday, October 30, 2010

Got blanked, again

On Friday, right after the work I once again headed to the coast, trying to get some contact to seatrouts. I was a bit worried about the wind so I took both my fly rod and baitcasting rod with me. While driving along the sea, I noticed that the weather was not that bad, I could easily use my fly rod. Great!

Once I got to the outer shore, I noticed that the waves were much higher than they seemed to be and the water looked clear but it was very murky in reality. The water was grey! They are digging the ship routes deeper and all the fine sediments flush to the shores now. It's fucked up because it will ruin all the seatrout fishing in this area for this season.

Grey waters.
Despite the wind, my rod and line played very well together, I could still fling the fly out for about 20 meters straight through that head wind. Also some cool currents were there, flowing through the rocky lagoon, between the shore and a little rocky island. If the water would have been clear, I'd be 100% sure to catch something from that stream.

Cool currents.
Sunset was close and I fished until it was time to go back to my car before it was too dark to climb on those slippery rocks. I took a few more pictures and had a little sightseeing on this nice outer island.

Waves hitting the outermost rocks.
When I walked through the pine forest in almost pitch black, I faced another problem. I was in the middle of a network of old trenches, dating back to second world war. Took a little time to navigate through there as it was too dark to start leaping over them.

Shallow shore.
Finally I found a way to the road and to my car, the trip was finally over. Nice fishing, great surroundings once again.

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  1. Hyvää tarinaa ja ennenkaikkea UPEITA kuvia!!!
    Saa kyllä meritaimenhimon käyntiin ja kunnolla pitkän tauon jälkeen.