Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hunt for the silver.

Right after the work I put on my waders, loaded my car and headed to sea. I had a nice hour and a half to try for some seatrout on a fly. Weather was nice, wind was tolerable and old waves hit the shore gently, making the water flow just nicely. Still no bites at all, which was not a surprise but the surroundings were phenomenal. Wading in the deeper inner lagoon while the waves break in the outer reef, swans and other birds swimming by, wondering what the hell was I doing there. I enjoyed the golden hour and fished until the dark.

Golden hour.
This was my first trip with my new seatrout outfit. The rod was TFO Ticrx 7wt, the reel was Nautilus FW7+ and the line I used now was Guideline Coastal slow intermediate in 7wt also. It worked like a charm, casting was easy and effortless and I could get good distances with minimal effort even with moderate headwinds.
New outfit under testing.
This is a good start. I'll be doing this sport until the sea gets frozen. Hopefully I get to catch something too although it's not very important. 

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